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A Note From Matt:

As you may have heard, we were not successful in winning the primary. It’s always hard and we are tired, but full of gratitude. Campaigns are never run by one person working alone. Sarah and I, and the amazing campaign team, are so deeply thankful for all of your support.

One of the central goals of our campaign was to empower the young people who will become the future leaders of Vermont. And what I saw on primary day and throughout the past year in our campaign were young people dedicated to making a difference in the world and in our magnificent state. Young people who believe in a cause. And young people whom I know are more powerful now than when we started, better equipped to forge the change we all know is possible.

I also want to thank the amazing Nick, who led this campaign from his heart. You could not ask for a better leader or partner in an effort like this. He put together an energetic and passionate team of staff and volunteers and I am so grateful to each and every one of them.

Yesterday I stood beside my friend Sue Minter to congratulate her on winning the Democratic nomination. And I am going to work hard to make sure that Sue is the next governor of Vermont. Vermont is too important to me to let it fall into the hands of someone who will not continue our tradition of leading on progressive economic and social justice issues.

My life has never been just about politics. My community gave me an early start in public service and I have always been willing to answer that call, but there are many, many ways to make an impact in the world. My central purpose is to use whatever vehicle I can find to empower people and communities, particularly those who are struggling the most. I have approached everything I’ve done with an eye toward giving those working alongside me the platform to exceed even their own expectations of what can be accomplished. I don’t know yet what my next chapter will be, but I know that it will have this same focus, and that it will have as a goal working with and empowering the people of the most amazing state in the nation.

For now, I will be spending the next few weeks with my magnificent wife and with my wonderful children, who continue to amaze me every day.

Thank you for your support. The change we all know is possible will only happen when we come together. I am so honored all of you joined me on this journey.


Did You Hear?

Matt Dunne has been endorsed by more than six dozen past, present and future state legislators; the Professional Firefighters of Vermont; Vermont State Employees' Association (VSEA); the Executive Board of the AFL-CIO; Teamsters Union Local 597; Bernie Sanders' Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver; Ben Cohen & Jerry Greenfield; the grassroots progressive organization Rights & Democracy; the Burlington Free Press; a majority of the Burlington City Council; and the Upper Valley Young Liberals! 

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