Why I am Voting for Bernie

Why I'm voting for Bernie

As a lifelong Vermonter, I have always followed Bernie Sanders’ work on behalf of the people of Vermont. When he announced he was running for president I was excited and proud as a Vermonter, but felt strongly that all of the primary candidates had strengths to offer the country. And as I’ve been focused more on issues in Vermont over the past few months, I have held off on deciding who I will support in the primary election for president.

But after the Democratic debate last week, the choice became clear to me. I will be voting for Bernie on March 1st and here is why:

All along, Bernie has been talking about issues of critical importance at this moment in time: the loss of our middle class, addressing global climate change, fixing our broken healthcare system, providing needed support for our veterans and seniors, and giving the next generation the opportunity to graduate from college debt free. In the debate, the country saw that Bernie is willing to say what he believes, even if it wasn’t in his political best interest. Using his time to recognize Senator Webb’s service to our country was quite moving, and his comment that people are sick and tired of hearing about Hilary’s “damn emails” was the line of the night. He set the tone for the entire debate, one that was completely different from what we saw at the Republican debate a few weeks before.  

It was also classic Bernie: unscripted, honest and sticking up for someone who was being treated unfairly.  It is just this attitude that has allowed him to be successful attracting the support of Vermonters across the political spectrum.

In addition, I’ve been blown away by the incredible success he has had in engaging young people from across the country.  Young Americans are feeling more cynical than ever.  Yet, in the same way Bernie has for years mobilized the Vermonters who we’ve been told won’t vote, he has provided millions of Americans with a voice and created an unprecedented mobilization effort.

At the end of the day, however, I thought about what would be best for Vermont.  As I have traveled around the state, I’ve heard loud and clear that we need an economy that works for all Vermonters and all of Vermont. This will not be easy, and we will need partnership from the federal government. So, when I ask myself which candidate, when in the White House, would be most likely to have Vermont in his or her focus, who would understand the unique challenges of Vermonters in the Northeast Kingdom or in Bennington, who would answer the phone if someone from Vermont called, the answer is clearly Bernie.  Bernie has always stood up for us, and I’m proud to stand up for him.

I will support any of the candidates who are running in the Democratic primary over any of the candidates in the Republican field, but Bernie’s blunt honesty, ability to engage young people, and his clear understanding of the needs of our state make me excited to have the opportunity to cast my vote for him in the March primary. 

Join me in supporting Bernie Sanders as he continues to fight for what's best for Vermonters, and for the entire country. 

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