Press Release: Dunne Releases Platform to Address Poverty


White River Junction, VT - January 20, 2015:

Today Matt Dunne released his platform to address poverty on his issues page at

Dunne’s policy recommendations call attention to the growing issue of poverty around Vermont, citing initiatives that focus on empowering people out of poverty and rebuilding the middle class.

“Reversing the rise of poverty in Vermont will take a comprehensive approach” said Dunne at a Democratic forum in Jericho earlier this month “We need to move and we need to move quickly.”

Dunne, the former Director of AmeriCorp*VISTA under President Clinton, touches on points from his affordable housing and microfinance plans and focuses on the opioid epidemic in Vermont as well as some of the approaches he deployed while heading up AmeriCorps*VISTA.

“To address the specific challenge of poverty, we need a clear and multi-faceted strategy.  With a focus on housing, microfinance, transition support, healthcare reform, and better management we can move thousands of Vermonters out of poverty for the long term, rebuild our middle class and strengthen our state economy.”