I'm All In

Last week, I left my job at Google.  

Over the past nine years I have had the opportunity to serve as the company’s national head of community affairs. Essentially, my assignment was to bring Vermont values to a large internet company.

From an office in the old Tip Top Bread Factory in White River Junction, we were able to make a difference in communities around the country -- bringing high speed internet to rural and urban areas, investing in renewable energy and affordable housing, bringing thousands of mainstreet small businesses online, and training thousands of low income girls to code. As we grew as an enterprise, I was able to build a strong, diverse team committed to a social mission and getting things done.

While I loved that job, I left because this election is too important.

We are at a critical juncture in our state’s history. Vermonters are working hard every day to solve our most difficult problems. They deserve someone just as committed.

I'm all in.

Over the next several months we will be traveling to every corner of the state, reaching out to Vermonters to share a vision for our future and, most importantly, to listen.  We have 18 events around the state between now and March 15th.

We live in a magnificent state, but we are struggling and we need to change.  We must all be ready to roll up our sleeves to build on the state that we love to create a Vermont for the next generation.