Leading by Example with Campaign Finance Reform

Vermonters have long understood that corporations are not people. That is why, with the support of so many of you, we returned over $16,000 in corporate campaign contributions back in March. In so doing, we issued a challenge to all the candidates in the race to join us in walking the walk to get corporate money out of politics. And because of your outpouring of support, all three of the Democratic candidates in the race have now rejected direct corporate contributions.

But eliminating corporate campaign contributions is just the first step.

That is why today, our campaign is announcing that we will be taking the lead in yet another way. We will be voluntarily releasing a campaign finance disclosure to the public on June 15th.

Most states already require multiple disclosure deadlines, particularly in the run-up to an election. But Vermont has only two reporting deadlines before the August 9th primary -- March 15th and July 15th.  We can and should do better. And since early voting begins June 25th, we strongly feel that the current schedule of finance disclosures is not transparent enough. 

Vermonters deserve to know where a candidate’s money comes from. Are they self-funding or accepting corporate contributions? Or is their campaign completely people-powered? Monthly disclosures offer transparency, so voters and the media have open access to all campaign fundraising and spending activity. That's why we will be voluntarily disclosing a campaign finance report on June 15th.