National Delegates for Bernie Sanders Support Matt Dunne for Governor

National delegates for Bernie Sanders today released the following letter endorsing Matt Dunne for governor:

Dear Fellow Democrats:

A little over a year ago, Bernie Sanders started a movement that brought a home-grown, inclusive message to the national stage. He fought to shift the conversation to progressive issues like making government more transparent and banning corporate money from our elections, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour so that no one working full time lives in poverty, making universal healthcare a reality and giving the next generation the opportunity to graduate from college debt free. Bernie put the concerns of everyday people front and center in a presidential campaign in a way that hasn’t been seen in years.

But these issues weren’t new to his presidential campaign. Throughout his career — as the mayor of Burlington, a U.S. Representative, and our U.S. Senator — Bernie has been a tireless advocate for seniors, women, and low- and middle-income workers. During his campaign, the country saw that Bernie is willing to say what he believes, even if it meant the establishment would fight back.

It’s those reasons that compelled us, the national delegates for Bernie Sanders, to enthusiastically support Bernie’s presidential campaign, and it’s for those same reasons that we support Matt Dunne for Governor of Vermont.

Matt is a lifelong Vermonter. He served his hometown as a State Representative, and later as a State Senator. He co-sponsored a universal healthcare bill in the early 1990s, and has continued to fight for every Vermonters’ right to high-quality, affordable healthcare, making it a central focus of his campaign. He has the expertise that will be needed to fix the Health Connect website, because he managed similar efforts both when he was Director of AmeriCorps*VISTA — the “domestic Peace Corps” — and during his time at Google. And Matt has what it will take to put a real plan in motion to fight poverty and end homelessness in our state. In fact, he’s the only candidate for governor with a specific, detailed plan to fight poverty, and the only candidate with a plan to address the needs of our seniors, so they are able to retire with dignity and financial security.   

Organized labor, including the Vermont State Employees’ Association, the Executive Committee of the Vermont State AFL-CIO, the Teamsters Local 597 and the Professional Firefighters of Vermont have all endorsed Matt because they believe he is the best candidate to fight for the rights of working people. And Rights and Democracy, the grassroots progressive organization on the very front lines in the fight to grow our economy while protecting our environment, for workers’ rights and for a strong democracy, endorsed Matt because they believe he has the commitment to these issues and the experience to deliver results.

Last week, Bernie’s campaign manager and longtime aide Jeff Weaver endorsed Matt’s candidacy, saying Matt is the only candidate who can unite Democrats, Progressives and Independents to defeat Phil Scott in the fall, and the candidate who can bring Bernie’s message home to Vermont. We, once again, wholeheartedly agree with Jeff.

Bernie Sanders started a movement, and we have the opportunity to make his vision a reality here in Vermont. We’re calling on Bernie Sanders supporters across the state to help bring Bernie’s message and the political revolution home and vote for Matt Dunne on Tuesday, August 9th.


Claudia Inés Pringles, Montpelier

Ashley Andreas, Hartford

Laura Simon, Wilder

Matt Kiley, Peacham

Kit Andrews, Burlington

Brian Pine, Burlington

Rich Cassidy, South Burlington   

Representative Kevin “Coach” Christie, White River Junction

Sherry Merrick, Thetford