Congratulations Bernie!

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The rest of the country now knows what Vermont has known since 1981! #FeeltheBern! - Patty Bosley

Thank you for your message of growing the rights of the middle class, tackling climate change, the corrupt system of campaign finance, and helping create a country where everybody has a chance to make something of themselves. - Matthew Taylor

Great job last night Senator Sanders. We’re behind you 100%! - Heather Mentzer

So inspiring. I’ve been waiting for this campaign of ideas for a long time. Congratulations - Sandra Deacon

I knew back in the early ‘70’s that you had nailed the root of our problems but, at the time, never dreamed I’d see such unbelievable follow-through. Thank you !!! I went to New Hampshire. Now, it seems I’ll have to travel further to knock on doors. - Sherrill Musty

So excited! I am no longer a young voter, but you have restored my excitement about our political system and in that way I feel young again! - Maureen McCracken