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Elected Officials

Senate Majority Leader Phil Baruth, Chittenden County
Senator Dick McCormack, Windsor County
Senator Mark McDonald, Orange County
Representative John Bartholomew, Hartland 
Representative Steve Berry, Manchester
Representative Tim Brigland, Thetford
Representative Kevin Coach Christie, Hartford
Representative Alison Clarkson, Woodstock
Representative Dan Connor, Fairfield
Representative Susan Hatch Davis, Washington
Representative Bill Frank, Underhill
Representative Gabrielle Lucke, White River Junction
Representative Barbara Rachelson, Burlington
Representative Donna Sweaney, Windsor
Representative Tommy Walz, Barre
Representative Sam Young, Glover
Representative Teo Zagar, Barnard

Former Elected Officials

Former Senator Mary Ann Carlson
Former Senator Matt Choate
Former Senator Don Collins
Former Senator Hinda Miller
Former Senator Cheryl Rivers
Former Senator Judy Stephany Ahearn
Former Representative Sandy Baird

Former Representative Joyce Barbieri
Former Representative Chuck Bohi
Former Representative Gordon Briston
Former Representative Carol Buchdahl
Former Representative Jack Candon
Former Representative Diane Carmolli
Former Representative Andrew Christiansen
Former Representative Michel Consejo
Former Representative Thomas Costello
Former Representative Barbara Grimes
Former Representative Christopher Healy
Former Representative Steve Hingtgen
Former Representative Cheryl Hooker
Former Representative Margaret Hummel
Former Representative Michael Klopchin
Former Representative Alysia Krasnow Butler
Former Representative Jerry Kreitzer
Former Representative Doris Lingelbach
Former Representative Mary Mazzariello
Former Representative Michael McCarthy
Former Representative Anne Mook
Former Representative Donny Osman
Former Representative Mary-Ann Parizo
Former Representative Dexter Randall
Former Representative Ann Seibert
Former Representative Ernest Shand
Former Representative Andrew Snyder
Former Representative Bob Stannard
Former Representative Sheila Vowinkel
Former Representative Perry Waite
Former Representative Linda Waite-Simpson
Former Representative Jeff Young


Josh Aldrich, candidate for State Representative from Berkshire
Paul Belaski, candidate for State Representative from Windsor 
Caroline Bright, candidate for State Representative from Georgia
Sue Buckholz, candidate for State Representative from Quechee
Jill Charbonneau, candidate for State Representative from Middlebury
Ed Clark, candidate for State Representative from Guildhall
Selene Colburn, candidate for State Representative from Burlington
Mari Cordes, candidate for State Representative from Lincoln
Scott Garren, candidate for State Senate from Rutland
Faisal Gill, candidate for State Senate from Chittenden County
Dave Hinckley, candidate for State Representative from Springfield
Jay Hooper, candidate for State Representative from Brookfield
Conor Kennedy, candidate for State Senate from Windsor County
Rob Millar, candidate for State Representative from Winooski
Korrine Rodrigue, candidate for State Senate from Rutland County
David Yacovone, candidate for State Representative from Morristown


Elected Officials

I’m supporting Matt Dunne because he has always had his finger directly on innovation, whether it’s nationally, or here at home in Vermont. Back in the 1990s Matt was brought into the Clinton Administration, which was big on innovation. Bring it forward to the 21st century, and Matt finds himself at Google, which is the center of innovation for the entire planet, even as we speak. I’m confident that Matt can bring those ideas, that energy, that capital, back to Vermont and help us jumpstart our economy in a way that it hasn’t hummed in 25 years. So, please join me. I think Matt is exactly what we need at this moment.
— Phil Baruth, Senate Majority Leader

Hi I’m Barbara Rachelson. I’m a state representative from Burlington and I’m a social worker, and I want to tell you why I’m supporting Matt Dunne for governor. As a social worker, and as a mother, I care a great deal about the children in our state doing well, and so many children in our state are living in poverty. Matt has so much experience fighting poverty when he headed up the national AmeriCorps VISTA organization. And we need Matt, and Matt’s experience in fighting poverty, here in Vermont. Two, Matt also has great experience working in the private sector. We need that business, entrepreneurial experience that Matt brings in state government and in the State House. Three, what Matt cares about are things that I care about as a mother, and a social worker, and as a legislator, for making sure everyone in Vermont has a bright future. So Matt really cares about poverty, he cares about bringing great jobs to our state and finding ways to really infuse how businesses are able to prosper. He cares about the environment. Matt has proven experience in the private sector, in state government, in the National federal system, and that’s why I’m supporting him.
— Barbara Rachelson, State Representative from Burlington

I first became aware of Matt when he was mere days out of Brown. He showed up at the Windsor County Democratic Committee and announced he was running for the House, and I looked at this brash, youth, and I said, ‘This young man is going places.’
He still has the confidence and the energy, but he also has deep experience. And so I’m honored to, as I knew I would be doing 20 years ago, endorse Matt Dunne for Governor.
— Dick McCormack, State Senator from Windsor

I’m supporting Matt because I think he is the only candidate for governor who is going to do something about broadband in the state.

We have a lot of IT and technical challenges in state government and we need somebody that understands technology, otherwise we will keep wasting millions of dollars and not getting the results we want.
— Sam Young, State Representative from Glover

I’m supporting Matt Dunne because I think he has the best chance to become the next governor of the state of Vermont.

Matt allows us to continue in a progressive mode instead of going back to things that are more regressive. I think that Matt’s understanding of the telecom issue certainly lends itself to superiority over the Republicans - I don’t think they have an interest in that.

I also think that Matt has a concern for the middle class and people in poverty, and wants to raise them out of poverty.
— Steve Berry, State Representative from Manchester

Former Elected Officials


I stand up for Matt Dunne for this election cycle in particular for several reasons. Number one - he is the candidate to beat Mr. Scott.

Second - When I met Matt we served on the economic development committee together in 2003 - we did a summer study committee about the creative economy. And for those of you who haven’t been here for a while the creative economy is like the foundation for all our economies - for the renewable energy economy, for the tech economy, for the maker economy, for the generator economy. Matt and I co-chaired that summer committee, we got into economic development, and we were able to champion and pass several economic development bills. Bills that really laid the foundation for young people coming here, a cooperative, in a central city or village, to begin the creative economy that really is the racehorse of jobs that will pay for our young people to support their families.

The other part that I like about Matt in my stage now, in a much more broader view, is Matt’s experience in Google. Matt has experience with the tech world, and an understanding of how we transform government as well as the private companies. We have seen very sadly how our government does not have expertise or leadership in the tech world. This is very important for me, as a citizen here.

Let me just tell you one thing: I’ve worked with Matt. He doesn’t stop, he does his homework, he listens, he’s collaborative, and he really believes in creating a better world. That’s all I need.
— Hinda Miller, Former Senator from Chittenden County

Matt and I have worked together in past years, and his ingenuity, creativeness, and commitment to the community are exactly what Vermont needs in a Governor. He is a native Vermonter and has spent his career helping to make the lives of Vermonters better. We need his dedication and his skills leading the state in the years ahead.
— Matt Choate, former State Senator from Caledonia

Matt and I co-sponsored universal healthcare legislation in the early 1990s, because we share the belief that healthcare is a human right. That policy priority is as relevant today as it was back then, maybe even more so. Matt has the experience and the leadership skills to make universal healthcare a reality in Vermont, which is why I’m proud to back him for Governor.
— Andrew Christiansen, former State Representative from East Montpelier

Matt Dunne is here in Brattleboro, and we support him because he is Matt Dunne. Because he understands Vermont, and Vermonters. He has served, and served well, and he’s going to make a difference in our future. He is going to take care of the homeless, he is going to address poverty in our state, he is going to see to gender equality and every other way, and he is going to make our state a better place to live in. We believe in Matt Dunne, and Matt Dunne believes in us. We wish him luck next Tuesday.
— Former State Representative Tom Costello

I am supporting Matt because I appreciate the open and honest conversations he had with fellow legislative members in committees and on the House floor. Many of those conversations were joining me and others in fighting to support veterans when they return home from war. As a veteran myself, I appreciate his support of the vets.
— Mike Klopchin, former State Representative from Clarendon

I’m not a Democrat; I’m a Progressive. I stay out of politics, and most specifically I stay out of Democratic Party politics. It’s not a comfortable place for me, and it would be much easier for me to just sit this out. But I can’t stay out of it this year, and I think that’s for a couple reasons: and one is because of Bernie Sanders’ call to action for all of us. Bernie has inspired us. You know there’s a vision Bernie’s laid out that’s more than some policies; it’s really those beautiful policies backed by a way we do things, which is not ‘me’, it’s ‘us’.

I think that, you know, what I noticed immediately with Matt, who I did have the pleasure of serving with briefly in the legislature, was that Matt has that same compass of policy that Bernie Sanders does. But he also really believes that it is not him, it is ‘we,’ it is ‘us.’ And that’s how we get things done. It’s not one great person in the Governor’s office who is going to change the state for the better. It’s going to be movements and organizing, and the political action of everybody on the street who does that. And Matt understands that and he believes in that. So, although Matt supports universal healthcare, something that’s near and dear to my heart, raising the minimum wage, very progressive environmental policies, campaign finance reform and so many other things, it’s really that vision for how change happens that draws me to Matt.

The other thing that I feel very strongly about Matt is that Matt speaks in clear words. He doesn’t speak in platitudes. And I and many people are very turned off by the vague generalities and platitudes that come out of candidates’ mouths and I see that in this campaign and in many campaigns. And it’s something that wears voters down. I don’t think it respects voters. And I think that what Matt does is when he speaks he respects them. He tells them clearly what he believes. He doesn’t let them dance around and try to figure out what he means. I think that that’s the kind of guy Matt is. So, Matt’s combination - of course he has the skills, of course he has the life experience - but he has that vision, and he has that method that I really believe in. And I think that those things together make Matt uniquely able to beat the Republican in this race. And I think that’s the other message we must remember. That’s what it’s gonna take this year to beat the Republican, is that set of skills, experience, vision that Matt brings. So I’m very proud to endorse Matt Dunne, and it’s a rare thing for me to step into this primary, but I really believe that he is the right guy, and I hope that other Progressives will follow me and will read up and learn about these candidates. And they will see that Matt stands alone, and that Progressives in this state, whether they’re inspired by Bernie for the first time or are long time activists, I think they will see that.
— Steve Hingtgen, Former State Representative from Burlington

I am thrilled to throw my support behind Matt Dunne in his campaign for Governor of Vermont. I served with Matt in the Vermont State House from 1999-2000, and was impressed from day one by his grasp of the issues and his ability to work with all the differing viewpoints and personalities in the building. I’ve watched his career from afar and continue to be impressed by his commitment to Vermonters and the issues that are most important to them, while looking to the future for his children’s generation. I have told all of my Vermont relatives and friends to support Matt in this election. He truly is the best person to lead Vermont forward.
— Alysia Krasnow Butler, former State Representative from Charlotte

I’m enthusiastically supporting Matt Dunne for Governor of Vermont because he is a Vermonter who loves our state. Matt is totally invested in keeping the legacy of Vermont for his children and the other families living and raising children here.

Matt is innovative, he has integrity and he knows how to bring much needed 21st century business to Vermont. He is not entrenched in the same-as same-as politics that we’ve had for too long here. I think he will do wonders - he has the energy and youth for the job.

I’ll be a proud Vermonter having him as governor.
— Carol Buchdahl, former State Representative from Georgia, Commissioner, Vermont Commission on Women.

I urge Vermont voters to support Matt Dunne for governor in the Democratic primary on August 9. One of the biggest problems facing Vermont is the need for robust economic development to create jobs that will allow our young people to stay here. Because of his long years working for Google, Matt Dunne has had unique exposure to this new form of communication. He also has been ‘present at the creation’ of many technical innovations that are essential for Vermont’s continued economic growth. For that reason, I hope that Vermont voters will nominate and elect Matt Dunne to the governor’s office.
— Charles Bohi, former State Representative from Hartford

I am supporting Matt Dunne for Governor because of Matt’s leadership skills, his ability to be a visionary, and his work experience -Google, AmeriCorps- which allows him to have a wider view of today’s markets. Matt has realistic goals for the state. He understands that in order to improve our job market, our education system needs to meet the skill set needed for Vermont ‘s future jobs. No company will relocate here if we do not have an educated workforce combined with the technology needed; it is part of his vision.
— Anne Mook, former State Representative from Bennington

I was proud to serve with Matt in the legislature. He is smart, hard working, cares deeply about Vermont and most importantly he will reach out and listen to others before making a decision.
— David Yacavone, former Morristown State Representative

Candidates for office

I am proud to enthusiastically endorse Matt to be Vermont’s next Governor. He is innovative, practical, and fiercely committed to true Vermont values.
— Caroline Bright, candidate for State Representative from Georgia

Matt understands that to build a strong economy you have to have a sound environmental policy.

Matt also understands that Vermont Healthcare Connect needs to be fixed, and he has the ingenuity to fix it - which is very important to many Vermonters.

Lastly, I would not only say that Matt is a visionary person but he also has the determination and ingenuity to get this job done.
— Jill Charbonneau, Candidate for Vermont House - Middlebury, AFL-CIO Executive Board Member

Matt walks the walk and talks the talk. I saw him knocking on doors with Bernie Sanders for the New Hampshire Primary and I was as inspired by him as I was by Bernie.
— Ed Clark, Candidate for State Representative from Guildhall

I’m endorsing Matt Dunne for Governor because I know that he’s the leader we need to build a better future, for Vermont’s children and young families.

Young people in Vermont want jobs that pay enough to allow them to afford a home. No one should have to work 40, 50 or 60 hours a week and still be in poverty. Matt supports increasing the minimum wage, paid family leave, and reforms that will make it easier for young Vermont families to find quality childcare when they are at work. Matt also has the business and technology experience to build the government we need for success in the 21st century.

As this campaign season has gone on, and as I listen to my neighbors talk about their hopes and their fears for the future I’ve been convinced that Matt is the candidate for Governor who has the vision and the leadership skills to deliver results for Vermonters. When Matt says, ‘Together, we can do this.’ I believe we can. I’m proud to support Matt Dunne, the next Governor of Vermont.
— Mike McCarthy, candidate for State Representative from St. Albans

I am supporting Matt Dunne because he has demonstrated political courage. Every politician talks about fighting and having courage, but Matt has demonstrated it. Running as a minority in Vermont is not an easy task. Running as a Muslim is even harder. But I am really encouraged when I hear Matt talk about racial equality and Vermont welcoming all. With Matt as governor, I know that he will he able to tackle the tough issues facing Vermont with courage and he will look out for ALL Vermonters.
— Faisal Gill, candidate for State Senate from Chittenden County

I know Matt is the right choice for the future of Vermont.
— Paul Belaski, candidate for State Representative from Windsor