Why I Support Matt...

All around Vermont, Matt has been speaking with leaders and advocates, friends and colleagues. Check out some of the reasons why Vermonters all over the state are voting for Matt Dunne for Governor. 

I’m Trine Bech - I now live in Burlington but I raised my kids in Hartland. I’ve known Matt since he was 8 years old.

The reason I’m voting for Matt, even though there is a woman running for governor, is that I believe he has what it’s gonna take in terms of his progressive thoughts and his innovation. Because what we need now in Vermont is innovation. We have gotten stuck in places where I don’t think we can be for very long. And Matt’s smart, he’s got the ideas. When he doesn’t know the answer he will research it, so he will use evidence-based practices. And so, at this point, I think Matt Dunne is the only one who is going to make a real difference to pull everybody up in Vermont.
— Trina Beck, Burlington/Hartland

This year I am proud and excited to support Matt Dunne for Governor. Matt has been a friend for years and I believe the experience, intelligence, energy and humanity he will bring to the job is unmatched. Matt has a long and impressive resume in the arts, government and the private sector that make him uniquely qualified to be Governor. Matt has been way out in front in his early and active support of Bernie’s historic presidential campaign. He has taken an exemplary position in rejecting corporate funding of his campaign. Most of all Matt is among the few people in politics who I believe in. I know that Matt can get things done for Vermont and move us in a progressive direction that we can be proud of.
— Donny Osman, Barre

I met Matt in 2004 when I was considering relocating to Vermont from Minnesota to cofound The Center for Cartoon Studies (CCS). Matt’s enthusiasm for Vermont is contagious! I was easily hooked on the idea of living and working in Vermont after talking with him. Matt knew CCS would be driver for revitalization of White River Junction, it would help shape the new economy with a younger demographic. Students travel from around the world to Vermont to attend The Center for Cartoon Studies two-year MFA program. I can’t help but thank Matt for providing such compelling case and encouraging us along the way. The Center for Cartoon Studies is now celebrating our 10th graduation this May, realizing over $20 Million in economic impact to Vermont since founding, and providing a boom to visibility of Vermont on both a national and international level.
— Michelle Ollie, Cofounder, The Center for Cartoon Studies

As the recruiter for the Democrats, I first met Matt when he ran for the Legislature the first time. He is about 25 years my junior and he had the energy, drive and vision that propelled his victory. Looking at his career since leaving the Legislature, he has used all of those talents at each stop on the way. I was thrilled when he told me of his plans to run for Governor and honored to be asked to join his team. As I said to my friends, ‘He gets it!’ For too long we have discussed the problems that Vermont faces but little has been done. By applying the same old solutions to the problems, nothing really has moved forward. I believe Matt when he says we are ALL in this together as he looks for solutions for all Vermonters.
— Barbara Grimes, Burlington

I have known Matt and his family my whole life - we have been friends since the first grade at Hartland Elementary. Over the years, I have seen Matt consistently working for real, material progress throughout his career... clearly following the strong examples set by his parents John and Faith. Because Matt brings a history of progressive leadership and energy, and right on the issues, I have supported Matt’s prior campaigns. Today, I again support Matt for Governor because Vermonters need a catalyst for success. Matt brings the right mix of civil service and corporate experience, plus new energy and vision that would really help Vermont move forward.
— Chris Brousseau, Hartland

When I moved to Vermont in 2001 and shared my crazy dream of starting a cartooning school Matt not only listened, he helped make it happen. From state senators to local artists and business leaders, Matt made key introductions and with everyone working together the The Center For Cartoon Studies was established. Matt understands how when creativity, community, and commerce are interwoven Vermont becomes an even more amazing place to live, work, and create.
— James Sturm, Hartland

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With Matt Dunne as Governor, Vermont schools will have their best chance to thrive. He understands and respects the culture of small schools, including the fiscal challenges they face. He also sees the potential for transformative progress, making the state a leader in innovative, flexible approaches that put students at the center of the learning process. He will meet education challenges with the same integrity, intelligence, sensitivity, and courage that he brings to other issues, such as his principled refusal of corporate campaign funds. Matt will listen well and think creatively. He can help Vermont schools and communities find the right solutions for the future.
— Martha Rich, Former Head of School, Thetford Academy

I have known Matt for most of my life - first as a community theater coach and later as a mentor and friend. He pushed me to explore, develop, and follow my passions around inequality, social justice, and community. Matt believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and encouraged me not to give up. I have always been inspired by his seemingly endless supply of energy and dedication to service and innovation. Knowing him as I do, I am completely confident in his values as they relate to social justice, equal opportunity, feminism, sustainability, and housing. The specific aspects of Matt’s platform that I find most compelling have to do with his ideas around economic development. This is a big issue in our state and one that could have very negative consequences if overseen by people and organizations more interested in making money for themselves than in investing in the state’s economy. But if Matt is elected Governor, we could see truly amazing things happen.
— Emily Foote, Hartland

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I first met Matt Dunne, then a growing boy about 8 years old, in the kitchen of his Hartland farm house as he dutifully completed his morning chores on that busy school day. Over the next 35+ years, but more so over the last decade, I came to know a man whose commitment to Vermont is deep and abiding.

Although state politics, and politics in Washington, in particular, can have a corrosive effect on our elected and appointed officials, Matt just shrugs off those temptations and remains true to his Vermont roots. I have come to deeply appreciate these deeply held values around preserving Vermont’s physical history, his true enjoyment in listening to people’s stories and focus on developing an economy that provides young people with economic security and challenges – and play an economic siren song to those Vermonters who left their beloved state.

Matt may have a busy schedule, but if you are talking to him about something you care about, you never feel you are being rushed. A committed husband and father, he works hard (and, I believe, successfully) at finding an impressive balance with his work and political commitments. I trust his values, value his instincts, and fully believe in his drive to engage fellow Vermonters in their government.
— Peter Tenenbaum, Hartland

Whenever Matt shares photos and news of his activities and family on Facebook or otherwise, my memory goes back to his time in grades 7 and 8, when I served as his school principal in Hartland, Vermont. I see in Matt’s life today all of the things I knew him and his family for, ‘back when.’

Matt was an enterprising and engaging young man – active in organizing the community youth theater, keen about his school studies, well-liked by teachers and a natural leader among peers. His parents Faith and John were passionate about raising their family with a grounding in the healthy and enduring values and benefits of rural Vermont life. They actively served and supported the school, as wonderful leadership models of appreciation and service for everyone, especially for Matt and his brother.

Faith worked hard for many years on the Hartland school board. John coached soccer and was a leader / mentor for the Hartland Children’s Theater. Love and service for children was written throughout the story of their lives together. This echoes today strongly for me in seeing the life Matt and his family have created together, and in the devotion to public service that centers Matt’s life and work.
— Chaunce Benedict, St. Albans